The brilliance of a raging fire dragon in the city of sparkling gems – such is the nature of Pitta. Pitta is influenced by the fire element, which is the dynamic dream force of the Universe. Pitta permeates the mental body. They are blessed with a great intelligence. And they also have the greatest capacity for a sattvic mind – a mind that is free from fetters of living, a mind that is in harmony with the universe, a mind that achieves balance. When Pitta knocks down the obstacle of its own self-centered ego, Pitta will begin to discover the real pursuit.

Elements:: Fire + Water
Qualities:: Hot, light, oily and unstable

Body shape: Moderate, medium frame
Weight: Average. Easy to gain, easy to lose
Height: Medium
Skin: Oily skin. Prone to acne and rashes, moles and frecles are common, sunburns easily
Hair: Fine. Prone to premature hair loss and early grey
Bones: Medium
Fingers&Hands: Medium size, often hot and sweaty
Nails: Soft and well formed, often pink
Eyes: Medium size, light green, gray, amber or blue. Piercing eyes
Nose: Thin and pointed
Teeth: Medium
Mouth: Deep, red lips
Tongue: Medium size, red and/or moist
Appetite: Strong, becomes irritable when skipping a meal
Digestion: Strong
Stool: Regular. Soft, loose burning and light color
Urine: Bright yellow
Menstruation: Regular
Sleep: Light, but not easily disturbed
Dreams: In color, fast, passion, conflicts
Sexual Activity: Highly sexed, arouses easily
Pulse: Moderate, like a frog or sparrow

Memory: Good. Logical, rational thoughts.
Organizing: Good planner, very well organized and able to make things happen
Decision making:: Rapid
Friends: Very selective, creates warm friendships
Money: Plans spending, money is for achieving purpose

Experience hate. Can be vindictive.
Can be destructive, sharp, angry, manipulative, irritable, jelaousy, cynical…
When balanced, pitta is tolerant, caring, perceptive, courageous, funny, joyfull

Positive: Courageous, brave, focused, perceptive
Neutral: Logical, serious, organized
Challenging: Angry, jealous, critical, envious, sharp, judgemental

Prone to loose stools, weakness in the liver and skin rashes, disorders of the stomach and small intestine, heartburn

Cooling, calming activities (cool, heavy and stable qualities)

Non – judgment!


About lightofayurveda

Tanja Kraljic Strgacic is an Ayurvedic Health Practicioner from the California College of Ayurveda (CCA), a California state-approved college for the study of Ayurveda. She is also certified Ayurvedic Massage and Body Therapist from CCA, and has Reiki Level 1 and 2. Tanya is a member of the National Ayurvedic Medical Association. How I come to Ayurveda? My journey down the path of healing arts started in 1995 when I discovered meditation and macrobiotic philosophy. Along the way, I attended many healing courses, yoga and vedic studies, and learned a lot about aromatherapy, herbalism, massage and energy work. After I finished my studies at the University of Political Science in Zagreb, Croatia, I continued my work as a journalist for a daily newspaper and as a free-lance reporter for many magazines. For the last 15 years I used my knowledge to combine spiritual ways in my busy corporate lifestyle. After 15 stressfull but successful years in journalism I was ready to achieve a spiritual balance and bring more quality in my Life. Life & Love brought me to America. Here I finished Ayurvedic education at California College of Ayurveda. It is my pleasure to go along with you on Your Path of balancing body, mind and soul. Once balanced, you can fill life's fulfillment, great energy and infinite happiness. I am here to educate you, guide and encourage you on your path to balancing body, soul and mind. I truly believe none of us was born to suffer or be sick. We are here to feel and experience this beautiful world from within and without. We are here to experience ultimate health which brings us to realize our Path. We all are small copy of infinite Universe. In each of us reside small piece of Universe, a bit of God... Allow the simple grace of your being. Allow yourself to receive the Light of the Infinite... Light of Ayurveda. Come see me for an Ayurvedic Consultations or/and Ayurveda Bliss Therapy.. Following Healing Call of Nature, With Love & Light, Tanja Kraljic Strgacic Ayurvedic Practitioner Ayurvedic Massage & Body Therapist tanja@lightofayurveda.com

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