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Organic Ayurvedic Tea makes a difference…

  • Organic Herbal Tea means: No caffeine. No artificial colors or flavors.
  • No preservatives.
  • We only use the freshest, organic herbs, which are extraordinarily flavorful and aromatic…


  • Light of Ayurveda is a unique place where you can find bulk brew teas – you can combine a dose of herbs and water to your likeing by using a strainer…
  •  Ayurvedic Teas are made following ancient healing ayurvedic recepies…
  • Our teas are made in small batches / or made to order

Tanja’s story:

During the period of time in which I  studied ayurvedic medicine at California College of Ayurveda, I was looking for a good quality loose teas. I wanted to see rainbow of colors and flowers, a bouquet for the taste buds and excellent natural flavor… I didn’t find it. So, I made it!  That’s how I started to make the teas for myself… And for my friends… And for friends of my friends… And now for all of you.



To get the most out of the essential properties from the leaf and flower blends which offer us excellent teas:  infuse them by taking 1-2 tsp of herb to 1 cup of boiled water, pour water over the herbs, cover tightly; steep for 5-15 minutes, strain, and enjoy!

 (Teas which contain Green Tea steep just up to 5-7 minutes)


Our flavorful, tasty, colorful, fresh Ayurvedic Teas

will fill your Body and Soul

If you would like to order Ayurvedic Teas, or you may want to sell it in your store; massage & spa or yoga studio, please contact Tanja at:

310 283 7872



How will Ayurveda help my condition?


According to Ayurveda, health is achieved by restoring our natural state of balance. When we live our life in a state of balance, our energetic shape is strong and stable, and here is no passage for disease. When we live life stronger, faster, stressfulness and out of balance, our energetic shell becomes fragile and disease can occur.

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How I come to Ayurveda?


My journey down the path of healing arts started in 1995 when I discovered meditation and macrobiotic philosophy.  Along the way, I attended many healing courses, yoga and vedic studies, and learned a lot about aromatherapy, herbalism, massage and energy work.

After I finished my studies at the University of Political Science in Zagreb, Croatia, I continued my work as a journalist for a daily newspaper and as a free-lance reporter for many magazines. For the last 15 years I used my knowledge to combine spiritual ways in my busy corporate lifestyle. After 15 stressfull but successful years in journalism I was ready to achieve a spiritual balance and bring more quality in my Life.

Life & Love brought me to America. Here I finished Ayurvedic education at California College of Ayurveda.

It is my pleasure to go along with you on Your Path of balancing body, mind and soul. Once balanced, you can fill life’s fulfillment, great energy and infinite happiness.

I am here to educate you, guide and encourage you on your path to balancing body, soul and mind.

I truly believe none of us was born to suffer or be sick. We are here to feel and experience this beautiful world from within and without. We are here to experience ultimate health which brings us to realize our dharma (Life Purpose).

We all are small copy of infinite Universe. In each of us reside small piece of Universe, a bit of God… Allow the simple grace of your being. Allow yourself to receive the Light of the Infinite… Light of Ayurveda.

Come see me for an Ayurvedic Consultations or/and Ayurveda Bliss Therapy..
Following Healing Call of Nature,
With Love & Light,

Tanja Kraljic Strgacic

Ayurvedic Practitioner

Ayurvedic Massage & Body Therapist

310 283 7872

Ayurvedic Consultations


Ayurvedic medical tradition believes that each person’s path toward optimal health is unique because each person is unique. Ayurvedic path of healing often takes longer than western healing, but changes are deeper; goal is to remove root cause of disease, not only symptoms. A general rule is that it takes 6 months to one year to restore balance depending on how long there was a disbalance and how strong is one’s desire to change. Most people however begin to feel better in a much shorter period of time, often, just a couple of weeks to a month. However, everyone is different. How long it will take you depends on how well you follow my directions…

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